title Role Director / director
The sisters-in-law Linda Lauzon Serge Denoncourt / Profusion Theater 2003
Unity 1918 Sissy Claude Poissant / Espace Go 2003
Bouba Bouba Carl Béchard / SMCQ 2002-2003
Word processor Christine Mars Carl Roy / Double-crooked Theater 2002
Women in a good mood Mariucia Serge Denoncourt / Fred Barry 2002
With the sun, … the mother Nathalie Bellavance Louise de Beaumont / 2001 Tandem Theater
The bourgeois gentleman Lucille Michel Bérubé / Orford Art Center 2001
Street theater in France multiple Theater of the Astheure 2000
Street theater Spain multiple Theater of the Snail 2000


title Role Director / Producer
rumors Clara Louis Choquette / Sphere Media 2002
Watatatow Vanessa Beauregard Robert Desfonds / Vivavision 2001-2002
Coffee Bédé Ginger Paquin INIS 2001
Fortier III Josée Berthiaum François Gingras / Aetios 2001


title Role Director / Producer
The traveler Melissa Hazouz Bezaz / INIS 2002
The little Cagney Jewel Denis Côté / Zuno Movies 2001
Smash man, you’re in the know Sandrine Guillaume Demers / Cyclone Films 2000
Four ordinary people in a standard minivan Marie-Ève Henry Bernadet / Prod. Henry Bernadet 1999


– Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Montreal 1998-2001
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